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The use of the portal attributes the condition of User and implies its full and unreserved acceptance to each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice, so if it does not agree with any of the conditions established herein, you should not use / access this portal.

Access to Buy and the use of its services is subject to the General Terms and Conditions set forth below, and to those of a particular nature that appear in its annexes or on the billboards of a certain page thereof (the " Terms and Conditions"). If you (the "User") continue to visit this site, it will be understood that you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to block entry to the web, not to allow any purchase again and not to respond to messages received from anyone who violates these terms and conditions.


This consists of a medium of information, advertising and online communications provided by, and implies acceptance by the user of these Terms and Conditions.

The information contained in, cannot be considered exhaustive, complete, or that will satisfy all the needs of the user, so it is suggested that the user read these Terms and Conditions with special care.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR CLIKS, you can provide links, websites or services of other organizations and companies through your site (s), as well as facilitate the user of your website. The user understands and accepts that SI controls and is not responsible for these services and products.

The user of the site accepts and acknowledges that SI controls, supervises, and assumes any responsibility for the quality, safety, features and other elements of the products and / or services promoted or offered by third parties on its website.


All orders will be considered as completed upon successful payment. You can only cancel the order within 12h / 48 after you have done so and you will be entitled to a full refund of your money, provided that your order has not already been processed.

Buy will only make refunds of the amount paid, if it is within a period of less than 12h, / 48 and the order has not yet been processed, in many cases the processing of each order is made prior to 12 working hours.

Also, acquiring similar services from other providers for the same accounts invalidates the guarantee of replacement or reimbursement of the services purchased at Buy


We currently offer totally secure payment by credit or debit card / PayPal bank transfer, processed directly by our bank. We NEVER store or process your card personal data.

We also offer payment by Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.), and by bank transfer. is a legal hostingweb company that is protected by 256-byte SSL encryption, and is also monitored 24 hours a day by one of the best companies in the world in web page security:, which makes your browsing and your online purchase on this website is totally safe.


- Service Use Policy. The User accepts the Service Use Policy established herein, and its modifications. reserves the right to delete or modify any information, communication or message that in its opinion violates the Use Policy.

- Copyright. The information contained in the Site may be the intellectual property of, or of a third party. The information may only be used for non-commercial purposes. The retransmission or publication of any material is prohibited without the prior written consent of its author. In cases where authorized, the User must quote the author and may not modify this material.

- Problems with Social Networks:, is not responsible for any account lock or any other problem you have with the Social Networks from which you have purchased the services. NOTE: This type of thing is very unlikely to happen since social networks do not detect our services, but in case this happens it is the responsibility of the person in charge of the account.

- Replacement of Followers: The followers are permanent but some can be lost along the way, so we offer 30 days of spare parts, to replace the followers you lose with better followers that are not going to be lost. You can not make a refund if you lose some followers, as we replace them and also, the number of followers lost is very small compared to the amount purchased. For example, if you buy 5,000 followers and you lose 30, we cannot give you a refund because you have 4,970 followers posted and in addition to the remaining 30 we will replenish them instantly.

TWITTER FOLLOWERS: Twitter followers if they get lost ONLY CAN BE REPLACED DURING THE FIRST 7 DAYS due to the updates Twitter is having.

- Lost followers before buying with us: If you have bought followers on some other web page and you are losing them, our work will be much more complicated, since we will have to fix the errors of any other web where you have previously bought. We can detect if the followers that are being lost are from us or are prior to us, which is why we will not accept any allegations of lost followers before buying with us, since these followers are not ours. It should also be noted that we will not be able to allege or accuse any orders that are losing old followers, since as indicated above in these terms and conditions: "acquiring similar services from other providers for the same accounts invalidates the replacement or refund guarantee of the services purchased at "

- Instagram and Twitter profiles MUST be in PUBLIC MODE so we can add followers. If your account is in private mode and we advise you to put it in public mode but you do not do so, this can be a reason for us to mark the order as completed without being able to put the followers.

- Delivery time: For small orders of up to 1,000 followers or likes, delivery will be made in maximum 24-48 hours. For orders of 4,000 followers or more, we do not guarantee delivery within a specified period. YouTube services are a bit slower than Instagram or Twitter, for example, therefore there is no specific delivery time, it depends on the number you hire. For any delay or question, please contact us by email.

- Quality of Followers, Likes, Members, Subscribers, etc .: Followers purchased for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Tik Tok or any other social network in which we sell followers, are real looking, but do not know guarantees that they interact with your account. This means that the accounts have images and look like real accounts, but these followers will not interact giving likes to their publications

Content Control Buy, does not control the communications and materials that Users enter the site. Buy,, is not responsible for the content of these communications and materials, without prejudice to which it reserves the right to block access or eliminate any communication or material that it considers (a) abusive, defamatory, obscene, false or misleading, (b) violation of intellectual property rights of a third party or (c) violation of the provisions of the Service Use Policy.

- Indemnity Commitment. The User is obliged to keep, its dependents, licensors, suppliers and licensees harmless from the resulting damages (including defense costs) of any illegal act or deed attributable to the User or a third party using the account of the User., may vary, eliminate and / or add terms and / or conditions in any of the clauses of this contract, without the prior consent of the User. The User is exclusively responsible for the confidentiality and use of his password, as well as for the instructions that are executed in his name from the use of the system.

- Uncertain valuations on All valuations and uncertain allegations written on our website or company will be considered as a breach of our terms and conditions.

- Partial nullity. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is declared void, it will not affect the validity of the others